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Will Smith
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Taking about his dating and relationship, he once dated Stella Hudgens sister of Vanessa Hudgens but now his rumored girlfriend name is Kylie Jenner daughter of Kris Jenner. The couple is assumed to be dating each other after they were spotted cuddling each other in concert and most recently in West Hollywood when he clasped gold neck piece around her neck.

They are still going strong. The couple is enjoying their life happily. The more and additional information about him can be obtained from his personal as well as official sites.

His biography is also available on Wiki. This young actor can also be followed on Twitter as it has become one of the convenient ways to reach out to the desired person. The good news is that he has maintained twitter account. To add an interesting piece of information about him, he made his appearance several times in television series All of Us in as well as His parents were the prime supporter of the creation of the show. Gossip Gist. Share This Article:. Will played piano, his father played guitar, and the family often engaged in jam sessions.

In , he met Jeffrey Townes, and they began recording in the Townes' basement. Smith, who graduated from Overbrook High School in , admits he had trouble paying attention in class. His winsome attitude in seeking pardon for late assignments gained him the title "Prince Charming" with his teachers. Going to school first among mostly whites and then among mostly blacks helped Smith develop interpersonal skills.

But when decision time came along, Smith chose not to attend college. He soothed his mother's disappointment about this decision with a signed record contract and the reassurance that he had a workable plan. The duo's early records contained some of the profanity expected of hip-hop music. But Smith told Nancy Collins, "My grandmother got ahold of my rap book, read it and wrote in the back: 'Dear Willard, truly intelligent people do not have to use these types of words to express themselves.

When responding to criticism from rappers noted for their more violent content, Smith pointed out that his lyrics reflect his own experience, just as harsher lyrics reflect the reality of a different lifestyle. Smith rapidly spent his millions on cars, expensive travel, jewelry, and shopping sprees. He explained to Janet Cawley, "'Being able to buy anything you want makes you a little crazy.

Medina had spent much of his early life in foster homes and juvenile detention centers and then found himself adopted by white parents and living in Beverly Hills. He approached Quincy Jones about making a television series around a similar theme.

They found their star in Will Smith, and NBC gained a sitcom popular with both hip-hop and mainstream audiences. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ran for six seasons — In the show, the character Will Smith moves from an East Coast ghetto to live with his rich aunt and uncle in Los Angeles. Smith's friend Jazzy Jeff appeared frequently in the series. New to acting and nervous, young Smith overcompensated by memorizing the entire script. But even in those first seasons, audiences responded to Smith's wit and charm. Smith spent the first years of the show observing set dynamics, studying the genre, and building his acting skills.

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By the fourth season, he began producing the program, making significant changes to the scripts. Smith's hilarious antics won him a Golden Globe Award nomination for best actor in a television series. By the show's sixth season, it had become one of the longest-running comedies on prime-time television. In and , Smith received a nomination for an Image Award as outstanding lead actor in a comedy series.

During summer breaks, Smith had begun making movies and found that he liked the chance to become different characters in front of the camera. That experience made the television role seem confining. He decided to make the sixth season the final one, choosing to quit while the show maintained its broad popularity.

Smith had also continued recording with Jeffrey Townes. After releasing the album Code Red in , Smith decided to quit recording—partially in protest to increasing violence in rap lyrics—and focus on his acting career. That same year, he prepared for his first dramatic role by working with an acting coach and a dialect coach. Playing the role of a hustler claiming status as Sidney Poitier 's son Paul stretched Smith's acting skills. But he performed the part in a way that made critics note his versatility and depth as an actor.

Smith and Lawrence formed a lifelong friendship. With stars Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum , Smith's character protected the earth from an alien invasion. Director Steven Spielberg sent a helicopter for Smith to talk about a new film, and Smith noted that an actor does not say no to Spielberg. In , Smith won a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for favorite actor in a science fiction film. Saddened by the murder of rap star Biggie Small, Smith returned to music and released a solo album in , Big Willie Style , which sold eight million copies.

The single "I Jiggy with It" reached top ten multi-platinum status. Smith wrote another song, "Just the Two of Us," for his son Trey. Smith considered it the best song he had written to date.

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He told Nancy Collins that he felt the emotions so strongly that he wrote the lyrics in five minutes. Smith crowned a successful with a relatively secret wedding. They housed their guests in Baltimore, Jada's hometown.

At 50, Will Smith Reflects On His Complicated Family Life

On the morning of the wedding, the guests received envelopes containing directions to the location. They gave the envelopes to limousine drivers, who delivered them to The Cloisters, a sixty-five-year-old mansion featuring medieval architecture. When Smith arrived, he relaxed by playing chess before dressing for the ceremony. Jada had arrived earlier. The couple walked down the aisle together and gave each other away.

They declared their love through letters they had written to each other. Smith released two more solo albums: Willenium in and Born to Reign in Dream Hampton observed that Smith "single-handedly created a space for 'fun' rap. Smith appeared in a succession of hit movies. In the thriller Enemy of the State , he co-starred with Gene Hackman. Smith played Robert Clayton Dean, a labor lawyer targeted by mobsters, spies, and National Security agents. Smith observed to Dream Hampton, "Golf is the ultimate sport…. It's the perfect blend of physical ability and mental prowess.

Awards kept coming.

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ShoWest presented him its Actor of the Year Award. For seven years, Smith declined a role as Muhammad Ali. Smith feared this part, but director Michael Mann outlined a convincing plan to help him prepare for the role. Mann told Harry Haun: "I knew this is the only person who could do it. I knew the commitment. Smith gained weight, trained in the boxing ring, and studied Ali's faith and his gestures and speech for over a year.

No one doubled for him in the boxing ring. He specifically asked that Jada appear in the role of one of Ali's wives, Sonji Roi. Smith wanted to do the love scene with his own wife. In an interview with People magazine, Smith stated that when the movie premiered in , Ali turned to him during the show and said, "'Man, you almost as pretty as I was. That same year, Smith lent his voice to a little fish named Oscar in the animated film Shark Tale.

He and Jada created the sitcom All of Us , relating the adventures of a blended family.

In , Smith starred in Hitch as the dazzling date doctor who specialized in solving romantic woes. Smith also kept singing. He released a new album, Lost and Found , in March Aware of his public responsibility, Will Smith has chosen to live his life in a way that honors the parents who gave him such a good start in life. Writers often note his solid confidence and his charm.

He has focused his talents in music, television, and film, but Smith assured Nancy Collins: "'I'm headed for something greater….

Grew up in a Loving Family, Entered the Music Business as a Teen

Some Hollywood executives had already noticed Smith's stage presence and his ability to charm an audience. A worrying photo has emerged online. Jazzy Jeff Born and raised in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Smith met up-and-coming disc jockey Townes while rapping at a party in Jaden and Willow covered a range of bizarre topics in a recent interview. His performance earned him his first Grammy nomination as an actor.

Right now I make people laugh. It's an important service to make people feel good.

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But I want to be here for a bigger reason. Johnson, Anne Janette, and Ashyia N. Shirelle Phelps. Farmington Hills, Mich.