The Magic Labyrinth (Riverworld Saga, Book 4)

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Now Burton and Clemens, who have traveled for more than thirty years on two great ships, are about to reach the end of the River. But there is a religion, The Church of the Second Chance, that has grown up along the River and its adherents, possibly inspired by aliens, are determined to destroy the riverboats. A coming battle may destroy Burton and Clemens, but even if they survive, how can they penetrate the alien tower of the Ethicals, who created this astonishing world?

What can humans do against a race capable of creating a world and resurrecting the entire human race on it? I used to consider this the completion of this series, though there are books that follow it. For me this is the last book that really continues the promise of the series.

This and the 3 books before it are definitely science fiction classics for all ages. To me, these books are the inspiration for some of the concepts in The Matrix. I was gonna say something, but Edgeworth beat me to it. And said it better. It's clear to me why I didn't finish the series as it was published. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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Book 4.

The Magic Labyrinth (Riverworld Series #4)

Thirty billion people from throughout Earth's history have been resurrected along the great and winding waterways of Riverworld. Most began life anew—accepting without question the sustenance provided by their mysterious benefactors. But a rebellious handful, including Mark Twain, Richard Burton, and Peter Jairus Frigate, burned to confront the unseen masters who controlled their fate—and these few launched an invasion that will ultimately yield the mind-boggling truth.

The story was chronicled in four previous volumes, and is now concluded in Gods of Riverworld. More featuring extraterrestrial life. Planet of the Damned. Brion has just won the Twenties, a global competition that tests one' achievements in 20 categories of human activities.

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But Brion must leave his world to help salvage the world of Dis, the most hellish planet in the galaxy. Six Moon Dance. Sheri S.

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It was many years ago that humans came and settled the world of Newholme-cruelly bending the planet to their will; setting down roots and raising up cities and farms and a grand temple to their goddess. But now the ground itself is shaking with ever-increasing violence. And the Great Questioner, official arbiter of the Council of Worlds, has come to this isolated orb to investigate rumors of a terrible secret that lies buried deep within Newholme's past—a past that is not dead, not completely. And it will fall to Mouche, a beautiful youth of uncommon cleverness and spirit, to save his imperiled home by dicovering and embracing that which makes him unique among humans.

For every living thing on newholme is doomed, unless Mouche can appease something dark and terrible that is coiled within William N. Ellis III. We were created on the outer edge of the universe, and powerful ancients continue to watch us from that home far away. Despite the lessened use of our brains, the human race has developed high-tech radar devices that travel into space, searching for intelligent life.

The ancients have become aware of this technology; they are now concerned that humans have advanced enough to bring war. In an effort to avoid the inevitable, the ancients are coming to Earth to destroy the human race. Extermination is eminent, until Earth connects with its sister planet.

Together, the humans must fight back against this ancient power that seeks to destroy. The Outer Edge is not merely science fiction; it is an authoritative vision of our living universe. These fictional tribulations have direct and irrefutable links to science. And so the question remains: is science fiction truly fiction at all, or does it peer into the depths of fact and foreshadow devastation yet to come? Decipher the true riddles of the universe with The Outer Edge. These riddles include the science based posits on how the afterlife and prayer are indeed true.

We also answer how the psychics, mediums and all the paranormal work through science.

The Magic Labyrinth

Over the years, there have been numerous possible answers: the Big Bang, divine creation over seven days, adaption from single-celled organisms. Ultimately, the answer to the question is not necessarily about where we came from, but why we are here. Jampa and Pammy are siblings from the Outer Edge, the perimeter of the universe. As young members of the Ancient Good, they protect the unified grid from beings like Riverway, a member of the Ancient Evil. The outcome of the battle leads Ancient Good to journey to a blue planet called Earth.

There, the story switches to Gene, a common salesman, living with his wife and family in Ohio. After a near accident in his home, Gene discovers he has an extraordinary gift and opportunity. It champions knowledge, compassion, and love as a way to work with and shape the universe. Ellis claims to have used automatic writing, in addition to having received ideas for the story as messages from the spirit realm thats why hes the messenger, not the author.

The result is clear, precise writing, particularly when it comes to crafting tense, powerful scenes.

Philip José Farmer - Gods of Riverworld 1

After Jampa makes a speech, Ellis writes, The entire hall erupted in a frenzy of applause. From left to right to top to bottom, warriors slammed their palms together and parted their lips to cheer and whistle. Briefly, a tear trickled in Jampas eye, for the idea of living beings committed to lives of goodness never failed to move him. Ellis commits a portion of the book to building up for a war, but after a skirmish between two characters the author goes straight to negotiating the treaty.

The story does have very strong central characters. One look at him, and Clemens would stop the boat and hail him aboard. And when the Mark Twain came along, and he, X, managed to become a crew member, he would have to avoid the Operator until he could take him by surprise. The disguise, good enough to fool even the other stranded Ethical, would not deceive that great intelligence. He would recognize X instantly, and then he, X, would have no chance.

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Strong and quick as he was, the Operator was stronger and quicker. Moreover, the Operator would have a psychological advantage.

Magic Labyrinth (Riverworld Saga)

X, face-to-face with the being he loved and hated, would be inhibited and might not be able to attack the Operator with the fury and vigor demanded. Cowardly though it was, a detestable act, he would have to take the Operator from behind. But his detestable deeds had been many since he had set himself against the others, and he could do this.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go, Riverworld Saga, Book 1

Volume 1. And Farmer is super elusive about what's going on in the ships, with a bunch of ethicals and agents aboard, but then never explains who was Podebrad, which of the people on board were ethicals, what happened to the agents that escaped from the ships during the battle and were still traveling to the tower. Having read this so many times I can't keep track of the number, I can only say that I bring out the full series every five or six years to re-read it. It would have been better if Farmer had a good editor to pare them down into a single volume. Community Reviews. That said, if you go past the first book, you pretty much have to go through this book.

Though taught from early childhood to loathe violence, he had also been taught that violence was justified if his life was in peril. The resurrecting force which for all practical purposes made everyone on the Riverworld indestructible just did not enter into it. Despite what his mentors said, the end did justify the means. The Ethical was living in a bamboo leaf-thatched hut on the bank of The River, the right bank if you faced upstream.

Now he sat on the thick short grass of the plain near the shore. There were approximately five hundred others around him, all waiting for lunchtime. At one time, there would have been seven hundred here, but, since the resurrections had ceased, the population had lessened. Accidents, mostly from encounters with the gigantic human-eating boat-smashing riverdragon fish, suicide, and murder, had accounted for most fatalities.

Once, war had been the greatest death-maker, but there had been none in this area for many years. The would-be conquerors had been killed off, and now they would not be translated elsewhere along The River to make more trouble. Also, the spread of the Church of the Second Chance, the Nichirenites, the Sufis, and other pacifistic religions and disciplines had had great effect in bringing peace. Near the crowd was a mushroom-shaped structure of a red-flecked granite material. It was called a grailstone, though actually it was a highly electrically conductive metal.

It had a broad base five feet high, and the top had a diameter of approximately fifty feet. On the surface of this were seven hundred depressions. In each one was a cylinder of gray metal, a device which converted energy discharged by the grailstone into food, liquor, and other items.