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A major feature of OpenOffice. You can add them in the corner, or in the background as a watermark. To resize it, hold down Shift and drag one of the corner handles in or out.

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To wrap the text nicely around the text, right-click on the graphic and choose Page Wrap. Now you can move the graphic and the text will get out of its way. If necessary, delete any new carriage returns that were created.

Note: To specify a little more room around the graphic, right-click and choose Picture. In the Wrap tab, specify spacing. 1.0 Advertisement

You can add a graphic to the background of each label, too. I'll use this lightened watermark OpenOffice. First, format the text the way you want it, since with a background graphic the text will be harder to select.

No templates article would be complete without mentioning styles. Styles can make formatting templates even faster. I hope you'll use templates, either the WorldLabel templates or the wizard templates or both, to make your job easier. It's easy to fall into the habit of doing things manually, and I do that myself. Solveig Haugland: The OpenOffice. Solveig Haugland: OpenOffice. 1.0 Resource Kit

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Archives April October April December December 11, Additional Content This post is the central location for additional content I want to refer book readers to. The data pilot spreadsheet Page refers to the data pilot spreadsheet.

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Microsoft Office. Crossover Office 2. We've faced some problemas with the build, mostly because of the Windows build and some template problems, that Olivier Hallot from the PT-BR Team helped us solve it. Description jasonfilby UTC It seems as though its not possible to insert a spreadsheet into a wordprocessor file. Office Office Mobile. Back to home page.

Mail Merges and Databases, Labels, Envelopes Creating two or more pages of labels The advanced Mail Merge wizard that allows you to skip empty lines in addresses. Creating reports using Base. Creating forms using Base, from scratch and with the wizard.

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