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A Story to Warm Your Heart. All the Impossible Things. Tennis Rules the World. The Collected Works of Gretchen Oyster. Denver Post youth journalism program for kids in Colorado. Contact us: dplewka denverpost. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed for any commercial purpose. Ad Astra falls short September 20, Yet for 14 year-old Brian, the job means more than just the chance to hang around his idols.

Yet he could leave his family. Now Brian sees the job as the way to win back his father. There is no winning back some people, though. New York Times best-selling author Mike Lupica scores a touchdown with his new middle-grade sports series! Ben McBain is every football team's dream player. He's a jack-of-all-trades guy that can handle almost any position. When the game is on the line, Ben's number is the one being called for the final play. But Ben wants to be the starting quarterback and the one thing standing in his way is the coach's son. Shawn O'Brien looks the part. Landon Dorch longs to play football, and he is definitely built for the game. Unfortunately two things stand in his way: his mother's worries and the fact that he is deaf.

Landon hopes that the family's move to a new town will offer him a fresh start and that he can leave behind the teasing and taunts that marred life at his former school. But his speech problems and his cochlear implants seem to invite bullying. Luckily he is not without help, starting with his loving and quirky family and then a great new friend on the team.

Jack Callahan is the star of his baseball team and sixth grade is supposed to be his year. Undefeated season. Records shattered.

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Little League World Series. The works. That is, until he up and quits.

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Jack's best friend Gus can't understand how Jack could leave a game that means more to them than anything else. But Jack is done.


It's a year of change. Hutch has always played shortstop. His idol Derek Jeter, plays the position, and more importantly, so did his father.

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But when a better shortstop joins the team, Hutch must move to second base. With his father's shadow looming and the championship on the line, Hutch will need to make the adjustment quickly. Twelve-year-old Michael Arroyo lives in the shadows of Yankee Stadium, home of his heroes, but a place that might as well be on a different continent since he can't afford to see the inside. He also lives in the shadows of his Bronx neighborhood, hiding from the bill collectors and the officials who would separate him from his year-old brother if they knew the two boys were living on their own.

Baseball is Michael's only salvation.

LAST MAN OUT by Mike Lupica | Kirkus Reviews

Danny Owens is dedicating his seventh-grade season to his Super Bowl champion father, who recently passed away. Then his English teacher catches him cheating on a test. Wes' father always told him there was only one ball in basketball: that you had to know when to take it yourself and when to give it up, that finding the right balance was key.

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  2. Biological Distance Analysis: Forensic and Bioarchaeological Perspectives.
  3. Patriarchal Religion, Sexuality, and Gender: A Critique of New Natural Law.

So at every practice and game, Wes tries his best to be a good basketball player and, above all, a good teammate. As the season kicks off, Wes finds that not everyone on his team has the same idea.

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Please provide an email address. I really liked this book because it honored true heroes in our society. Sort by:. Felicita Sala. Nov 06, Jonah Dujovny added it Shelves: mp

All-star player and Hawks point guard Danilo "Dinero" Rey seems determined to hold the spotlight and the ball, even if it means costing his team the game. By clicking on "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Email Newsletter.

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Believable pain and recovery against a solid football backdrop. Email address:. Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All.