International Banking Strategic Alliances: Reflections on BNP Dresdner

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This analysis links structural change in the European macro-env We have far less understanding of how and why this happens. International Banking Strategic Alliances makes a significant contribution to such understanding. It provides a detailed account of the alliance between the Banque Nationale de Paris BNP and the Dresdner Bank, which was signed in October and dissolved by mutual agreement six years later in In Part I of the book, the authors provide a longitudinal account of the alliance's lifecycle.

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This is an unusually vivid and authentic inside story, which offers many insights into the processes and pathways of an alliance. The authors are careful to place their account into its context, and this considerably enriches their contribution to both theory and practice.

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The more immediate context is that of the two partner's strategic intentions for their alliance and their respective cultures that had to be accommodated in their collaborative arrangements. The wider context is the European banking sector and its political economy. In giving both micro and macro contexts due weight, the authors are able to demonstrate how an alliance evolves both in terms of its internal dynamics as well as in relation to external changes.

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A rich case study always offers great potential for theory and practice, but that potential has to be realized through skilled and sensitive analysis. It is a credit to the authors of this book that they have achieved this.

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Those working in banking, having responsibility for the management of alliances, or teaching on the subject, will all benefit greatly from reading this important new book. International Banking and Strategic Alliances is a comprehensive look at the motivations, rationales and management of bank alliances across national borders. This book should be of immense interest to bankers and academics. The several themes, as well as a copy of a complete agreement between BNP and Dresdner, are replete with insights on the rationales for alliances such as efficiency, co-marketing, expanded territorial coverage and product mix , on antitrust issues, on the difficulties in managing such partnerships over time and in general, on how to assess the pros and cons of such deals.

The book also alludes, in passing, to the vexing question of how to measure success and goal achievement in such alliances. To the banker and manager, the book provides a large number of practical insights. To the scholar, it shows how theory is applied. Contractor, Rutgers University, USA 'The authors are to be congratulated on their considerable success in tackling a difficult subject in an entertaining and readable fashion, and in having provoked a number of very interesting questions in the mind of the reader regarding the chances and conditions for success of cross-border banking alliances in Europe. After a career in Law, he joined a major German bank, rising to a senior level.

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International Banking Strategic Alliances: Reflections on BNP/Dresdner [Jörg Itschert, R. ul-Haq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. International Banking Strategic Alliances Reflections on BNP/Dresdner Jörg Itschert and Rehan ul-Haq International Ba Author: Rehan Ul-Haq | Jorg Itschert .

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