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Discover personal opinions behind global issues. Started this year in high schools in the U. Students use the new perspectives they gained through online exchange to create collaborative productions and screen the media projects in their communities.

Get started: Look for 'citizen journalist' reporters on the Internet. They can often be found commenting on or breaking news about unfolding world events.

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Tap into global knowledge networks. Participation in these networks enables students to develop cross-cultural understanding while addressing global issues, synthesizing information from multiple cultures and collaborating in global teams to responsibly build on existing knowledge as well as generate new knowledge.

There are many online collaborative science projects leading the way. Get started: Contact organizations that allow students to work together on global issues and projects.

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They offer pedagogical support for educators and engaging programming for students. Engage a global audience through online publishing.

Ch 14: Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

These days, students should not only share their research and ideas through technology within a classroom or school, but also share their learning worldwide through online publishing tools and websites that reach a global audience. To cover topics from global warming to the conflict in Iraq, CSI students are in constant dialogue—using a free blogging program—with student reporters in other countries, such as Bahrain, Belarus, Egypt, Poland, and Syria. They have also contributed to student newspapers around the world through the PEARL World Youth News Service, a partnership between iEARN and the Daniel Pearl Foundation that acts as an international wire service for publishing youth-produced news articles online and in student newspapers worldwide.

Get started: Publishing is as easy as starting a free blog using Blogger or WordPress and other similar programs.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Definition

For a more structured—and more advanced—option, consider Oracle Foundation's ThinkQuest competition for students. Integrated global teams tackle world issues and publish research and recommendations for the world. Harness the power of virtual simulation to understand global complexity and create solutions. Through the use of virtual reality, games, and modeling applications that simulate real-world experiences through technology, students can test out global theories while immersing themselves in the target content.

Get started: Ayiti and other 'serious games' on global issues can be found through Games for Change, an organization that promotes digital games for social change. Any of these examples can contain more than one way to integrate global knowledge and skills. Get started to see how these can come together in your digital media projects.

Integrated Marketing Definitions

A Global and Digital Opportunity for Educators Digital media literacy in a global era offers more than using technology to do the things that were done by hand before—such as data or word processing, retrieving information, presenting knowledge, and one-to-one communication—it now allows easy participation in the sophisticated global experiences and networks that our wired world affords. How to Harness Digital Media and Technology for Global Learning Consider these five strategies for using digital media and technology to help students both understand and contribute to the richness and complexity of our wide world.

Author: Alexis Menten. Related Content. The challenge was to increase Volkswagen car sales in the United States. Although 15 years after the end of World War II, it was still difficult to sell German products in the US market, not to mention that the car itself was much smaller than what buyers were used to. The success of the campaign, which ran in popular magazines and newspapers across the country, is evident from its longevity. Takeaway: Be willing to think outside the box to sell your company, product, or service by turning negatives into positives.

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Consumers recognize and appreciate creativity and honesty. The TV advert started life with a prime spot during the Super Bowl in and featured friends repeating the phrase to each other over the phone as they drank Budweiser and watched a football game on TV.

2. Budweiser - “Wasssup”

Personal selling minimizes wasted effort, promotes sales, and boosts word-of-mouth marketing. We found that these consistently outperformed social posts with blog art alone in terms of engagements—but not impressions. After you accumulate so many miles or points, an organization might provide you with a special incentive such as a free flight, free hotel room, or free sandwich. Google first started innovating with AI in search in with the introduction of RankBrain, its machine learning-based algorithm. Target and Asos are two retailers that have made a big commitment to visual search as part of their ecommerce experience. Burnik, B.

The ad captured popular imagination immediately, with parodies created in response as well as being picked up by media personalities from Howard Stern to Katie Couric. Although still in the early days of the web, the brand was a pioneer in what is now a digital norm: it directed viewers to the website. This additional content and world-building created a richer, fuller campaign off the back of one word that saw traffic to the site surge and sealed the effectiveness of the campaign. Key takeaway: Make the most of what a campaign can offer and consider what form it could take on different platforms.

In this example, Budweiser created a web page to accompany the TV ad. This campaign began as a series of billboards in Canada and London that directed questions at motorists about the women featured on them. It was not only seen as a financial success but also groundbreaking, insightful and authentic. Key takeaway - Conduct research and be aware of the conversations and context into which your brand is launching a campaign. Ask pertinent questions, attach your brand to a relevant issue or movement that could help see sales rise and the social value of your brand increase.

The series of 66 television ads featured comedic actors to represent the two computer brands — and in looks nodded towards the company owners. The aim was to get people to switch from using a PC, a well-known and reliable brand, to a Mac, its lesser-known competitor. The format of the adverts was competitive, but also playful and funny. Importantly, Apple came across as the good guy, always telling PC not to be so hard on himself.

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Security, viruses, rebooting and even syntax errors became conversations that normal people had. The campaign was so beautifully executed that it infiltrated popular culture almost immediately. Comedians and musicians used it to entertain South Park and Lego characters made appearances , while religious groups, Greenpeace and even the Republican National Convention used the format to push their own agendas.

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By becoming part of the cultural conversation, Apple secured their fate with the younger generation, who were already aware of the brand through the recently released iPod and iTunes. Key takeaway - Competitive marketing can work.

Old Spice wanted a campaign that would appeal to both men and women. While two TV ads were aired in , the real success of the campaign was found on social media.

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