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You have gone thru cycles of learning and unlearning, both consciously and unconsciously, thru pain and sorrows, acceptance and letting go. All those have accumulated during all the many lifetimes, as valuable lessons that stay within the soul. It requires deep reflection and deep inner work on our part to come to a place of great peace and balance on the soul level.

However, not everyone is willing to go thru this journey because it takes tremendous courage to look deep into the innermost recesses of our soul. The dynamics of certain relationships, particularly the difficult and challenging ones, often escape us. We simply cannot understand why we are experiencing so much pain and heartache, difficulty in achieving the bliss and joy that we wish we could arrive at. Perhaps there is some past that has yet to be reconciled, karmic debts that need to be repaid in this lifetime, and hence the confusion and the suffering.

And so we wonder, "Why is this happening to me? If we can come to understand the concept of multiple lifetimes, of past birth commitments, vows and contracts that must be fulfilled, then we can be free from the many fears that consume us, from bondage that we hold ourselves in, and move from the compulsion to make our worlds perfect. Past birth commitments, vows and contracts have to be fulfilled. The cycle of give and take must be resolved. Past debts and negative karmas have to be settled. Until all these are resolved we will keep on receiving nagging reminders, meeting the same type of experiences thru similar people in each lifetime.

We understand that we do not die but simply continue on our soul journeys. And like a debt at the bank, our negative karmas must be settled. If we resist these lessons they will continue to persist, even beyond this lifetime. By the same token, all the good we have accumulated thru various lifetimes shows up as our "good fortune" but which in essence is not just good luck but something we have earned and are deserving of. So when we meet someone and believe they are our "soul mate", our dream partner, and we rejoice at our good luck, then it can be said that there is much more behind the scenes, and involves so much more than we are consciously aware of.

The joy we experience has been bestowed upon us because of the good we have accumulated in our past lives. Having thus learnt of these nuances, received this knowledge, let us be mindful to create a better life and a better future by looking at our patterns of behavior that do not serve us, and let go of what is not beneficial, so that we may leave these behind and not have to carry forward as debts to pay in future lives.

Knowing that what we give out will surely come back to haunt us, if not now then certainly later in the karmic realm, it behooves us to shed the negative while we have the chance. A sensible man is not deceived about that As a man, casting off old clothes, puts on others and new ones, So the embodied self, casting off old bodies, goes to others and new ones US Edition U. News U. Steve Coogan. Rugby union. Motor racing. US sports. Rugby League. Movers List. Geoffrey Macnab.

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The operation was quite successful, bringing up more than 45 gold bars, 15, coins, and hundreds of artifacts over the course of numerous dives, including a pair of glasses, a pistol, and a safe filled with packages. Hana wears a gray head scarf and a red trench coat, which she has buttoned. Please continue to write asap. I really wanted to rate this book 3. And the women running the show KNOW what the worst things they can do each other are.

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